Brackets plugin

Mads D. Aune 11 years ago updated by programmingpassion 9 years ago 13


I'm thinking about switching from Sublime Text to Brackets (brackets.io), but I've become so dependent on the Codeivate plugin that I find it hard to switch before Brackets has one.

Brackets has an Extension Manager very much like Package Manger for ST and all the plugins are written in HTML, CSS & JS. Would be cool if you could look into one day, and maybe find time to develop a plugin!


I have almost finished an alpha version of this, it should be ready for testing next week. 

Email me your github username if you want to be an early adopter :) paul@codeivate.com 

Cool! My github is madsaune :)

I just gave you access to the test repo on github :)

About this, in the future you you should consider making a plugin for atom IDE too, the github code editor :)
@Kiko please upvote the uservoice I put in about Atom.
How do we get a copy of the brackets plugin?  My github is "tripflex" would like to test it out, thanks!
@myles I added you to the repo.
Unless it's been published recently and I just couldn't find it could you add github.com/llwt
Want a copy of the plugin too :)
My github is "kress95"
Hi starting to use brackets, please may I try out the brackets plugin my github name is @manidf. thanks
I'd love that too! my github user is kino90 :) thanks!
Slugisen - Thank you!