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Adding friends

Tyler Buth 6 år siden opdateret af Trevlar 6 år siden 2
There should be some sort of friends list to show friends and their progress and what they have been working on.

Display country of user in leaderboard

krispymallows 5 år siden 0
add country flag icons in leaderboard along with ratings/levels. that might increase competitiveness and rivalries among users

Brackets plugin

Mads D. Aune 7 år siden opdateret af programmingpassion 5 år siden 13


I'm thinking about switching from Sublime Text to Brackets (brackets.io), but I've become so dependent on the Codeivate plugin that I find it hard to switch before Brackets has one.

Brackets has an Extension Manager very much like Package Manger for ST and all the plugins are written in HTML, CSS & JS. Would be cool if you could look into one day, and maybe find time to develop a plugin!


Is Codeivate dead?

Glenn J. Mason 4 år siden opdateret af Kleber Kihara 4 år siden 2

The website seems to be down[1]. Is the project dead? Was it announced anywhere?

[1] http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/codeivate.com

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Github and Bitbucket integration

Matt Cooper 7 år siden opdateret af Paul Sinclair 7 år siden 2

I think it would be awesome if this product consolidated all of my programming activity in once place - if you could hook into the public activity on these two sites and measure metrics for commits, pull requests etc that could be pretty powerful... not sure if this is a great idea or even the direction you want to head in... just putting it out there!



Ghostface 7 år siden opdateret af Paul Sinclair 6 år siden 5

Are there plans for an API to pull the collected stats from my account? Would be awesome for integration into personal dashboards or widgets and such.

Paul Sinclair 7 år siden

Hi Ghostface, yes this is definitely planned :)

The first cut will be a widget you can put on your own blog / site.

First version is up check the blog for details:



I have slightly modifed the array the is returned adding in points for each language, and total time spent on each platform. This will also allow for more things to be added in the future.

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Set a goal for programming per day

Michael Calkins 7 år siden opdateret af Paul Sinclair 7 år siden 5

I would love to be able to keep an average of programming up and be able to have codeivate tell me when I am below my "goal" however that is measured.

Then I could look over the past week and evaluate how well I did in accordance with my goals.

Paul Sinclair 7 år siden

Good ideas! I think I might start off by calculating the average number of points earned for each language by you and the general population, and then maybe using this to help people set goals. I.e. setting a 10% improvement on last week, or showing your best ever day and trying to beat that (like a ghost mode in car racing)


Opensource it?

Pedro Baumann (Ondoheer) 4 år siden 0


I havebeen a fan of codeivate since for the past 502 days, I know it hasn't been updated in a while and it fails from time to time. Ireckon life cought up on you and this isn't a priority anymore. How about opensourceing it so other people can host their own codeivate?


Wrong language recognition in Clion.

Alexander Bogdanov 5 år siden opdateret af Danylo Bilyk 4 år siden 4

Codeivate plugin in CLion recognized, that I am coding in Objective C. I even don't know this language. It was usual C/C++ (C++11 for sure). Can you fix it? Maybe I can change something in settings until issue will be fixed?

Thank you.

Emacs plugin

Alex White 6 år siden opdateret af Marcus Puchalla 5 år siden 1
I'm not a fan of Sublime Text, so I'd like to see a plugin for emacs. I know that emacs has a webserver implementation, as well as a browser implementation, so whatever you need to do for a codeivate plugin, you should be able to get it to work on Emacs.

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