Java language name submited different from SublimeText and JetBrains

Paulo Diovani Gonçalves 7 year бұрын updated by training 2 year бұрын 5
Recently I started to use JetBrains IntellijIDEA for Java developing.

The problem is that Codeivate submites Java coding as "Java" and JetBrains submites as "JAVA". So they look as two different languages on Summary.

Yeah, this is bugging me, too. Additional question: When this issue is fixed, would it be possible to retroactively change "JAVA" to "Java" so that all the time I've spent writing Java in IntelliJ IDEA shows up as Java in my profile?

This is something that I was just going to write a feature request about.

It's not so much that changing JAVA to Java is necessary, it's that we need a translation layer to translate our syntax highlighting names into the definitive language name.

For instance, `CoffeeScript (Colorcoded)` is actually still the language `CoffeeScript`. Then instead of having to globally convert this, it'd be nice to give me the option of defining how I want `CoffeeScript (Colorcoded)` defined.

Some people might wanna group Sass and LESS together as just CSS or Stylesheets. At that point, it'd be nice to have the granularity to have something like a join table for language id values in the database to custom language name ids. That way it'd be automated and we can still change it at any time.

We solve such problems very easily because problem-solving skills are necessary for any aspect of life #foxangle