Atom plugin

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Would love to be able to get my codeivate points out of Atom - the editor is trying to be very much like Sublime, so hopefully the plugin would be an easy conversion.
Hi! Can you please give us some insight into how Atom plugin development is going? I like it very much and the only thing, that is stopping me from switching to Atom right away is absence of your marvelous plugin :)
Would love to see this happen too! The only reason I'm sticking to Sublime atm is because of codeivate.
Only using sublime because of codeivate too... (Btw, I love sublime, but I think open source editors are better :/ )
about information about this? :_(
Community is waiting, sharing some info on atom plugin progress would be soo cool.

I swear, the day the plugin will go live you will have +1 premium user :)
You could just make the Codeivate API include POST endpoints and let us users build the integrations we need :)
Any updates on this? Seems this may have been abandoned??

@Alan, cute, but no chrome support...

@Ben - well actually wakatime does have a chrome plugin too: https://github.com/wakatime/chrome-wakatime

In that case, it might be wise to update the front page. Currently it states "Your editor is on the way! Vote below to push it to the top of the list".

Maybe its still in dev over there. Sorry about that.


@Paul, seriously, either own up to not having any time to work on this and let the community build the plugin, or just dump what you have on github and let the community finish it. Regardless of how awesome codeivat is, this is becoming ridiculous.


Any more updates on this? Fired up a Wakatime account because it supports atom, but want to be using Codeivate with friends.