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Full Language List on Website

Trevlar 9 years ago updated by Paul Sinclair 9 years ago 1
I cannot see a way to access a full list of languages on the products page of the website. It would be nice to have a way to see the full list of supported languages even if that is on a separate page or in a pop up when clicked on. I was asking the question is the language I'm working in supported? Or are languages I want to learn supported? Are there plans to integrate new languages to the list for instance Go and Swift?

Seeing Both "Plain" and "Plain Text" in summary

Andrew McIntosh 9 years ago updated by Paul Sinclair 9 years ago 1
I am seeing both "Plain" and "Plain Text" as separate languages in my summary.

I have been using both Sublime Text and the IntelliJ IDEA plugin, and I think the two are reporting plain text differently.

Image 19


Leaderboard updates

Dmitry Matrosov 10 years ago updated by Paul Sinclair 10 years ago 2

It seems that the Leaderboard hasn't been updated for two days at least for old users. The new ones are regularly added to the list though.

Paul Sinclair 10 years ago

Hi Dmitry, 

I think I have found and fixed the cause of this issue now. Thanks for reporting it.


- Paul


Codeivate has got more machine names than I use

Timo Sand 9 years ago updated by Paul Sinclair 9 years ago 2


I sync my Codeivate pref's through dropbox and have only used 2 machines, but I have 3 machines listed. How can I figure out which machine is which?

Paul Sinclair 9 years ago

Hi Timo,

Sorry about the delay in replying.

You can change your machine names in the 

Preferences -> Package Settings -> Codeivate -> Settings - User file.

If you can't see the name in there that is showing up in your profile send me your username and the incorrect machine name and I can sort it out. paul@codeivate.com


- Paul


Level timebar taggable with notes on using Stack/Ex

Mik Seljamaa Nagaoka 7 years ago 0

Although this is rather project specific and would not perhaps convey general skill level. It might be and idea to see how a developer is doing on StackExchange helping others and getting help. The combination of Codeivate and S/E could be gold mine of useful information. I think the tags could be inserted either automatically when my SE question is added or inserted by hand to explain what I am doing. They could look a bit similar to soundcloud tags.


"Temporary issue with cache server." on summary page.

Sarah Beck 8 years ago updated by Paul Sinclair 8 years ago 1

Leaderboard for the past week

Michael Calkins 10 years ago 0

This is my original idea and not paul's. :P

A way to view the leaderboard for the past week or w/e date range so that new comers can become competitive immediately with everyone else.


Notify send Support for ST3

Paul Sinclair 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 1

Paul Sinclair 10 years ago

This has been implemented in lasted commit of Sublime 3, the windows version appears from the taskbar down the bottom right and is not as nice as the linux version.

To implement:

In your settings file set the following two variables:

"notify_send_active": true,

"notify_send_path": "C:\\notify-send.exe",


Listening must be shut off for a machine.

İsmail CEYLAN 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 9
That is required for the job resignation events. The user can shutdown.

View Framework name

Mannuel Ferreira 9 years ago 0
Love Codeivate. 
I work with different frameworks jQuery, jQuery Mobile, AngularJS etc. do you think it would be worthwhile to track frameworks as well?

1. Major Languages
2. Minor Languages
3. Frameworks