Listening must be shut off for a machine.

İsmail CEYLAN 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 9
That is required for the job resignation events. The user can shutdown.
Under review
Hi Ismail,

In the editor you can uninstall the plugin. This will stop data being passed up to your profile.
I hope this answers your question?


Hi Paul,

Sorry but no, because,

If I quit my job? If I don't go back to the office? Another staff member starts using my computer. statistics important to me. So I don't want to be faulty.
I see what you mean now.
This could be achieved by changing the user_token. If you need this done now I can do it for you, otherwise I will add a feature to the site to allow users to change it in the future.

Thanks Paul,

I don't need now but how life changes, is not known. i can suddenly become unemployed. i could be the CEO of a sudden :)
Hi Paul, I resigned from my job. now I need to do this process for me. thank you for your help. 
username: codesenior
machine: AC Bilisim - Ofis

i don't know machine ID
Hi Ismail,
I have added some code to block it, I will keep an eye out to see if it is still uploading. I can delete any data uploaded from last 4 days if you would like?

Blocking was enough. Thank you for your help.