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Level bar not matching with api

Paulo Diovani Gonçalves 10 years ago updated by Paul Sinclair 10 years ago 1
I've noticed a mismatch in my level status.

The summary show a bit lower value than my Current Level at sidebar.


Image 16

Image 17

Also, when acessing through API it show only 14.95.


Image 18

Is this a bug or I'm just misunderstanding the level progress?
Under review
Hi Paulo,
This is a bug!, thanks for reporting it, 

Your uploaded data is safe, but there there is currently an issue with aggregating some of the uploaded data for display on the front end.

I am in the process of writing lots of unit tests to try and iron all the little kinks out. I have re-synced your data so you will now see you are on level 15.18 and I will re-sync it again after I have finished sorting out the bugs just in-case anything else slips through.