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Server Error 500

Javent Lienata 2 years ago • updated by FAROUK BLALOU 2 years ago 1

my user summary got Server Error 500

Username : javentlienata


please fix it


http://www.codeivate.com/zeitgeist return 'An internal server error occurred. Please try again later.'

Michał Mazur 2 years ago 0
There is only white page with message "An internal server error occurred. Please try again later." on http://www.codeivate.com/zeitgeist

Take a break dialog

Michael Calkins 4 years ago • updated by Paulo Diovani Gonçalves 4 years ago 3

I saw you can make dialogs come up in Sublime.  It'd be cool to  set it so when my flow state reaches 30 min it pops up with "Hey take a break for 5 minutes!".  I'm trying to avoid hour long streaks not good for body :/


Java language name submited different from SublimeText and JetBrains

Paulo Diovani Gonçalves 3 years ago • updated by Saturn2888 3 years ago 3
Recently I started to use JetBrains IntellijIDEA for Java developing.

The problem is that Codeivate submites Java coding as "Java" and JetBrains submites as "JAVA". So they look as two different languages on Summary.


Searching = huge points

Alex Lamson 4 years ago • updated by Paul Sinclair 4 years ago 0

When you use the "find_in_files" command (default keybind is "ctrl+shift+f") it gives you points for every result.

For some reason, this made me laugh when I saw it.

Paul Sinclair 4 years ago

Hi Alex,

Haha yeah kind of makes a mockery of it doesn't it. These should not actually get through to your profile on the site, I thought I had removed them from Sublime but it seems to have reverted. I will fix this in the next plugin release. 


- Paul


Community plugin creation

Paulo Diovani Gonçalves 3 years ago • updated by Ben Peachey 3 years ago 2
Is there plans to allow community plugin creation for editors or IDEs?

Woud be great to allow users to write their own plugins for preferred IDE/Editor.

Dashboard Pie Charts - Color blocks for language %

Mat Wood 4 years ago • updated by Paul Sinclair 4 years ago 0

Represent percentage of language by breaking each day/hour pie chart value into colors that correlate with a text-color on right column 

Paul Sinclair 4 years ago

Hi Mat,

Thanks for the suggestion, the current graph package doesn't support this but I am planning on rewriting the graphs maybe in D3 and I will implement it then.




Features for team leaders

Marco Ordonez 3 years ago 0
Would be awesome if the program can give managers or team leaders information, for example, a team leader can add people and then check the information related to them

Breakdown by machine - i.e. "Work machine", "Home Laptop"

Matt Cooper 5 years ago • updated by Paul Sinclair 5 years ago 4

It would be cool to see a break down of the different machine's I use...  I use sublime both at work and home... could be cool...

Paul Sinclair 5 years ago

Basic version finished see http://www.codeivate.com/news


Activity on a timeline

Matt Cooper 5 years ago • updated by mose 4 years ago 2

Would be cool to be able to see my activity on some kind of timeline that I can break down into... perhaps something like the github contributions visualisation.

Perhaps the break down could also include the file names I am working on so I can see how much time I am spending on certain projects and where I am most productive... 

Probably a lot of work! And not sure if you would be sending the required info as I haven't checked out the plugin completely yet.