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What about an API for pushing stats? That way, developers could make more addons (i.e. Vim, Emacs, eclipse, etc.)
Hi Paul,

Yeah I just realised that. How about a little blue box with F in it (like what used to be on the leaderboards) when a user has entered a flow state, and a little green box with P in it for when someone is programming. Both can be on the status bar with the stuff that is already there.

Also, maybe a ballon popup that gives a brief overview (i.e. overall level, the progress bar, or something along these lines) when you single click on or hover over the current status box? You could make double clicking bring up the main popup, or even have a right click context menu that gives a user options?

Also, are you going to add revision control and testing metrics (i.e. how often a user commits, or how long a test continues to fail etc.)? Or is that out of scope of this project?

Also, what about achievements, i.e. like trophies or xbox achievements? The Visual Studio addon reminded me of them.

EDIT: I saw you are also a kiwi! Awesome!
Hi, is there any chance we could get some sort of widget or toolbar visible in Jetbrains' IDEs so we can watch our progress while we're coding (instead of having to navigate into the settings menus)? This would be really neat.