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I have a youtube channel with a growing following I would love to make a video on Codeivate and get a ton of people onto a "Themed" leaderboard.

When you go to install and copy the git clone command and I copy it to my terminal that "- See more at: ..." text is added to it.

Ok that is a really good point.  I love the 10,000 concept maybe it would work better with achievements like the ones you get in Steam for CS:S.  There's tons of em that are 100, 500, and 1000 "Headshots".  You can usually have multiples of many achievements and have a desktop notification come up when you get one. 

I just like the idea of Codeivate getting excited while I'm coding.  Makes me excited to. ;)

And so it begins: https://github.com/clouddueling/AngularJS-HTML

I'll continue to modify this while I work in Angular.