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I see only one machine in summary page instead of two.

amccloud 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 3
I'm using Intellij IDEA plugin at work and at home, but on my summary page i see only one machine on the list. (I'm guessing that I should see two.)
Should I do something more than entering two different names in "Machine name" field in plugin?
Under review
Hi Amccloud,

You should see 2. Can you see that the second machine is actually uploading data? (Does it say "programming" on your profile when you are coding?

What is your username I can double check the server end.

Yes, I see "programming".
When I'm at work and I'm on "my summary page" I see only my nickname from work under "Machines".
And when I go to my summary page at home (when programming) my work nickname is replaced by my home nickname on that list.

My user name (entered at plugin page) is "ejsik" 

Best Regards, Pawel
Hm, I think I told You wrong username. Just use email address from my profile. :)