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"Access denied" in title of "Your summary" page

Valentine Andreev 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 2
On the Your summary page, the title says:
Access Denied / User log in | Codeivate - real-time social coding. [beta]
The rest of the page looks fine, though.

This only appears on Your summary, and not on summaries of different users (<http://codeivate.com/summary/username>).
Under review
Hi Valentine,
Thanks for reporting this.

The current structure is


or if you are logged in you can only see your summary


(It should actually ignore everything after the summary/ part but it's not at the moment)


Hello Paul,

I’m sorry, I must have made a mistake. The address of a different user’s summary is indeed <⁠http://codeivate.com/users/ username⁠⁠> and the address of the logged-in user’s summary is indeed <⁠http://codeivate.com/summary⁠>.

Nevertheless, the incorrect title still appears on the Your summary page <⁠http://codeivate.com/summary⁠>.